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Full Version: Language Code
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Languages are in the game, in a very basic state because I should sleep. I'll tidy it up tomorrow and add much, much more depth to it.

For now, here's how languages work:
Everyone automatically knows the trade language, and all full-bloods automatically know their native language.

When speaking, every emote defaults to the trade language, in an emote you can use <!language> to change the language you're speaking in from that point on in the emote, you can change your language multiple times in an emote.

Acceptable languages are: trade, human, tir, tyen, and skrell/skrel'eth

emote starts to speak, "Hello."

This would be spoken in the trade language and would appear to everyone else as:
Someone starts to speak, "(Trade) Hello."

semote Realising that you might not have understood him, #self speaks again, this time in another language,<!tir> "Hello, can you understand me?"

Realising that you might not have understood him, Someone speaks again, this time in another language, "(Tir) Hello, can you understand me?"

semote Still unsure you will have understood, #self tries one more language,<!human> "Is this any better?"

If you don't understand a language this is how it will look:
Still unsure you will have understood, Someone tries one more language, "(Unknown) ..."

Please don't put any points into any of the language skills for the time being, until the code is fully compelte.
Just an update to this. It has been now set that when you create a new character, you automatically start with grand master in their racial language. You then have 50 additional points to spend in either trade, or another language of your choice.

Seari, being half blood, still start with the full allocation of 150 points to distribute. It is strongly recommended that Seari still pick at least one race to be master or grand master in.
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