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Post Four!

So, here's Post Four.

I logged onto SS for a flash the other night and it looked like things were busy (at least there were a lot of numbers in public areas). And there are posts with suggestions and that sort of thing on forums. That's good to see.

I kinda wish I could get back into the swing of the game, though I think this break is helpful too. RP always required a lot from me to focus, not just the RP with three or four people in active conversation (sorta like ping pong or a tennis match, seeing who to react to or what, etc in a flood of emotes), but even the smaller scale stuff; sometimes it's hard to really contribute much when feeling tired.

Speaking of breaks, I'm ready for a real vacation. Probably won't be going to Las Vegas, though I suppose I should at least see it once... not sure where or when exactly yet, but near the water would be nice.

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