Lab Notes of the Fire Mage

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entry Jan 9 2008, 06:45 AM
It was another dreadful day in Yarsin. Dreadful because it was in Yarsin. I suppose, if you didn't hate that city as much as I, you would have thought it quite beautiful. Blue skies, a few puffy white clouds, a fresh spring scent in the air, above the smell of corruption and...

I digress. The point was that on this fateful spring day, I was discovered by my old master. I suppose I should give you a bit more background. My parents went along with whatever it was they did. I was young then, and didn't really care. To tell you the truth, I never really did. Wealthy enough to get me an education, yet not enough to make us live a life of luxury. They managed to negotiate with a scholar, and got me into school. I was to learn to read and write, and probably get stuck in some dreadful Omuit monastery for the rest of my existence.

Instead, upon arriving at school, I quickly began to show the signs of my most obvious genius, and, when I came to be the age of ten, my master pulled myself and another child, whose name is quite unimportant, aside, having recognized our potential for having a talent in kha weaving. He took me on himself, and assigned the other child to another master to learn how to make ice or something. Again, not important. I began to learn all I could about the manipulation of kha, even meeting Scarlet there, an old flame (ah, how I amuse myself with my puns.. flame, me being a fire mage, and all...) who has since gone away with some gigantic muscle that happened to be a guard captain for a while.

He carefully instructed me in the basics of kha weaving: pronunciation, basic runes, how to ground a spell, and what the consequences of failing a spell could be. I also learned some basic alchemy in those first days. but I'm supposed to be speaking of the first day.

The first day, he tossed a book on my desk and instructed me to memorize it. Oh, it was a great book, one that I wish I still had, but, alas, was destroyed with the rest of Yarsin. It described the anatomy of a spell, the nature of kha weaving, and how it flows through a person (which I thought seemed rather obvious-- this atually ended up being a boon, seeing as I am quite adept at it.) It also described the first spell every magic student learns: detection of magic. Now, being in a magic school, it should be rather easy to do this, and it was. But, while some of the other pupils struggled with the spell, I quickly learned how to cast it that very day, though not particularly well.

Anyhow, I'm bored, now, and don't particularly like you. Story's over. Go away before I melt your face.

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entry Nov 10 2007, 07:48 PM
[OOC: This is not an actual journal entry. This would not be found in his journal anywhere.]

I've been here for far too long.

Far too long.

Huw has failed me. I don't know how much longer I can stay in this desolate place. I could take my last resort option, but that will probably destroy me forever if I'm caught. I've met many people here, but they have all gone away, already. My crime was great, but this doesn't seem like the time for me to face my punishment for it... no, I think that if it were that time, Morhiag would have come by to let me know this is what I should expect for the rest of eternity.

If I ever get out of here, I will be displeased. Very displeased. Gods help those in my path.

There is no fury that would surpass a dead mage ignored, I suppose.

Too bad spells don't work here.

I suppose I'll just scare someone again. Apparently, that's all I'm good for anymore... scaring people, a wisp of my former glory.

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entry Mar 12 2007, 08:08 AM
I recently saw Huw again. Yes, that annoying little Tir I had do a few things for me in the outpost. Apparently, he managed to buy the Crimson Wyvern. Sensing opportunity, I invested quite a bit into it. The rewards will be worth the loss of money. At least, they'd better be.

For other news, Lord Raurik'radu granted me the honour of being his steward. I will begin work on the Eastern Mountains immediately. First off, an Inn. Then, a general store. Though I will need to find somebody to run this store. Perhaps I should post a request for aspiring business owners to interview with me. Need to maintain a certain... quality... to the people in his region.

The town, or what's left of it, is rather run down. I think I will repair that old barracks for a lodging house, so we can start work on other things. Once Raurik negotiates with the Emperor, we can open the mines. We are planning to use some of those half-breeds that were recently captured as workers in the mines. Should cut costs a bit more, and increase profits. Perhaps, when everything is settling down in the region, Raurik will 'permit' me to make a new lab. In the mountains, I do not believe that the others will disturb me as much.

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entry Feb 24 2007, 11:08 AM
I have managed to discover the locations of the three reagents for the cure, and proceeded to sell them to those willing to pay. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people attempting to make it for free-- this causes a problem, as I won't be able to sell them as readily.

It is no matter. I wasn't thinking it would be a long-lived solution. Maybe I can just offer the rest of the vials I make to somebody in exchange for a favour...

That thin man, the one who only speaks Tirrish... I have a feeling he will become a thorn in my side. However, if he interferes in my affairs, he will meet the same fate as Flaern and Aanson. Perhaps worse. I could always send him to my lab and do a few experiments until his body finally shuts down. Then again, I could always try to verify my theory on torture.

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entry Feb 20 2007, 05:51 AM
Hm. Is it the first year of that new Tyen's reign already? Not that it really matters. He will fall, just like that idiot Robert that came before him, and the many others. Probably will do something stupid to make the non-tyen races hate them more and revolt. It will be entertaining to watch to see what happens. I do hope that the regime will have the sense to stay out of my business... I do hate interference.

I must resume my experiments soon. I have taken a hiatus of it for too long. I suspect one of those wolves will suit my needs perfectly, but unfortunately I may have to settle for one of the spiny ones. I have yet to capture one alive... they seem to resist all attempts at capture, usually struggling until they die if I beat them into submission. Perhaps I can poison something with a sleeping agent... allow it to consume it, then fall asleep. Should make for an easy catch, if I can manage to figure out /what/ the demons eat. I have yet to observe any of them eating anything... they seem to just wander around until something comes along, then attack it. Of course, I don't have the patience to attempt to observe one for a full day, anyhow.

I think a rabbit might suffice for the bait, though. Give it a sedative, then send it off to a demon and hope for the best...


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