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entry Jun 27 2007, 09:53 PM
And four is just outright too damned many. This is my fourth blog post, here, ironically, because I am so bad at keeping OOC blogs. There's just not enough to put in them, really, in my opinion. This is also my last blog post, here. So we don't have to worry about five, six, or seven, for sure.

It's been.. an interesting ride, for sure.

Played for a little while on my original character Quonar, had some fun on him. It was.. interesting... being both a new player and a Constable. Let's just say Quonar died a lot. *tips his hat to the various criminals*

OOC Information for Quonar:
You were created on Sun Aug 28 10:52:37 2005

Most of you probably know me from Flaern, though.

OOC Information for Flaern:
You were created on Sun Oct 23 22:37:04 2005

I've played him almost religiously since then, really. Oddly enough, it started out as a newbie's bet that he could make a character that could and would kill another character, Bjar, if given the chance, Bjar's only defense being his silver tongue.

He traveled some dark paths, though, which led to interesting conflicts and RP. Thanks to Abel, Aanson, The Fury, and Acerbe for making that little segment of Flaern's story very involving, especially since I was still pretty much a newbie at that point.

Those dark paths eventually led to him getting banished from Telantha. Oh noez! Let me tell you: THAT WAS THE MOST BORING THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO ME. ARGH OMG I COULD NOT STAND IT! NO ONE WAS OUT THERE. Well, except for the crazy guy with fire. But that was no fun sad.gif *shakes a fist at the crazy fire guy* I wasn't even allowed to have a goat farm. How depressing.

Courtesy of one individual needing his expertise, Flaern managed to redeem himself and get back to the RP hot spots. Following that, various RP reasoning led him to try impressing the Guard Captain by proving himself useful. Yay, demon killing. (Boo, boring combat.) I was highly amused at the time I laid about 15 demon corpses out in the room just south of the southern gate.

Somewhere around this phase, is when I got asked to be a staff member. Mina and Cern had both just come back from a vacation, and the game had been soooo slow because only Gordon (aka Aamanus in siegian form,) was around to handle things. So they needed more people.

OOC Information for Hyperion:
You were created on Wed Jan 18 18:21:04 2006

That was a different experience, for sure. Worth the trouble it came with, I think, in the end. Some of you hated me, some of you loved me, some of you didn't care, but I tried to be fair and kind and all that jazz, whenever I could (almost always.) I kind of took Flaern's RP slower while I was Hyperion, mainly so no one suspected who I was, and/or scream staff abuse. I had a hand in a few smaller events, in addition to disciplining/policing things, but the only event I ran on my own was the Western Outpost battle (because none of the other staff was around at the time / willing to help for me. :/) From what I remember, everyone present enjoyed it, so I'm glad it didn't suck completely. That was in... September 06, I think? After that, both my RP, and general activity, kind of slowed a little. Summer fading away, and the like.

Quit as Hyperion October 7, due to differences with other staff members. (*cough* Language code.. *cough* Not understanding own game..) Afterwards, I felt a lot more liberated to RP as I wished, without fear of people going, "omg staff powahz!" There was much scheming, much plotting, and much fun RP all around. Those of you who were hanging around me at the time had a lot of fun, I hope!

Had a slight distraction in the form of a new character, though I honestly feel like I let down staff by not playing them very much after my initial surge of RP. Some of you'll recognise the name. wink.gif This character's been fun too, though was soo much harder for me to get into than Flaern

OOC Information for Markosias:
You were created on Thu Jul 20 20:02:08 2006

In... december 06, I think, is when the Emperor overthrew the King. With it, a lot of Flaern's goals were effected, and I knew even then that I was going to try to become a Noble. After that, it was just a matter of how, why, and who (to get to back me up.) Thankfully, due to the loads of past RP, it wasn't hard to get a faithful following. Thus began my term as noble, if you can call it that. It was gratifying, I got to help a lot of things get up off the ground, helped a lot of people, and also got to fulfill some smaller goals of mine. I found it constraining, however, at the same time, due to issues with the game and how the staff want to handle players requiring staff help to power large influences under the control of said player.

Was hired again as a builder, mainly due to my promise to help if asked, because I love this game.

OOC Information for Durendal:
You were created on Fri Mar 2 19:24:21 2007

I helped a little with showing the other siegians how to do some things, since I already knew the ropes, and did various small and large building projects. I was just getting started on Armour in Enoch's stead, however, when certain conflicts arose.

You guys have probably heard about my argument with Cern, but if not, I'm not elaborating here. I'll leave it at 'We don't agree.' After some consideration, and a long while to weigh the pros and cons, I've decided that's going to be the end of my SS history. So I'd like to wish you all good luck, and encourage you to have fun. That's what the game's all about anyways, right? My characters will have ICly disappeared without a trace, for good or worse. Those of you who feel like I may be hanging you out to dry.. I'm sorry, but this game ISN'T fun for me anymore, so there's little reason for me to stay. I hope you continue to have fun, but if not, I'll understand. And I apologise.

So, yeah. Don't expect to see me 'round anymore, except for perhaps obsessively reading the forums (old habits die hard, after all.) If you want to see what happens to my characters, feel free to follow their personal blogs, Flaern's which is located on the blogroller thingy on the website. The end of my play on SS isn't the end of their tales, thankfully.

You have 475202 total RPP. <--- I'm still made of pure awesome sauce. Bet it take any of you at least two months to beat me! wink.gif

-Quonar/pof Quonar/pof Flaern/pof Markosias/Hyperion/Durendal/Adam

entry Feb 26 2007, 12:43 PM
Okay... Current weapon types in the code, right now, as objects:

curved longsword
wooden dagger
short sword
hand cannon
talon claws
noloruthai claws
hand axe
battle axe
aged longsword
bastard sword
half-moon axe
serrated spear
two handed sword
double battle axe
bear claw
training sword
throwing knife

Now take out the hand cannon and the book, as the only instance of these are OOC items. And the fish too. Swordfish is NOT a separate weapon type, however cool it is. Some weapons can be grouped together, as well, such as 'dagger', 'stiletto', 'dirk'.. They're all daggers, damnit, as far as code goes.

Weapons that don't exist yet, but probably should:

various types of polearms and axes, pretty much. However, we can get away with having few of these simply because most of the ones that come to mind are 'chivalric' weaponry, and thus, not likely to be in the hands of most people.

So now the list is narrowed down to:

dagger - dagger skill
shortsword - sword skill
longsword - sword skill
rapier - rapier skill
sabre - sword skill
scimitar - sword skill
falchion - sword skill
bastard sword - sword skill
broadsword - sword skill
greatsword - two handed skill
hand axe - axe skill
battle axe - axe skill
great axe - two handed skill
whip - flexible arms skill
staff - quarterstaff skill
cane - ?
spear - polearm skill
spetum - polearm skill
halberd - polearm skill
gauntlets - unarmed skill?
bar - ?
club - mace skill
maul - mace skill
mace - mace skill
warhammer - two handed skill
chain - ?
claws - talonous arms skill
talon claws - talonous arms skill
flail - flexible arms?
sickle - ?
scythe - ? polearm skill perhaps?

to be done: speak with tyrex the weaponsmaster guy, consider how weapons might have developed in Aagos, accurately describe basic use and purpose, find accurate pictures to aid write up.

entry Feb 13 2007, 08:43 PM
Yes, I have a fascination with abusing advertising rights for myself, by placing Q's wherever I can whilest getting away with it. Good thing my nickname is only one letter, I can even fit it in acronyms!

So. Newsletter. Been thinking about it, and Mina's probably going to cry if I send another petition about it. I hope staff doesn't have a sound trigger for petitions, is all I'm saying. >_>

First of all, we agreed it might be good to divide the newsletter project into two sections: a basic newsletter, like she posted on the pertaining thread, and an on-going 'current news' page. Reasons for doing this? A) Images and colours are nice, but not really the best thing to include in the email portion of the newsletter, as it'll detract people from what the focus should be, in that: the new exciting features or IC happenings that might be tempted to return older players to us, and inform those of us around at the time. B) It'll give me room to include more people. A newsletter really only take three people to make, even stretching it out unnecessarily. Adding this current news page would open room for a few more people, and that's a good thing, the way I see it. C) It would allow room for topics to be expanded upon, and for much more info included where necessary.

That said, there's the matter of -what- should be included in the newsletter/current news. I'll start with the newsletter, I think. IC things, I should think, would need to be so important/well-known that EVERYONE -should- know of them.

-Tyen take over
-Nobility shuffle
-new laws against half-bloods
-alchemical object/liquid work
-armour repair code
-blog availability to most donaters
-forum work: gallery now works, plus some new colours

(If there's any other code or major events that I'm missing as I type this blog post up, please feel free to comment them in to this post. The newsletter shouldn't be just a list of things I think are important, so much as what the community sees as important, I think.)


-farm animal code?
-new craft trees: brewing, candle-making, cobbling, jewelrycrafting?
-expanded craft lists for most, if not all, craft trees
-new area to come?

(If siegians/staff want to comment about this, please do. I know there's been a lot of talk regarding what might be put in next, or what is being worked on with time permitting, so if there's anything that should be added or removed from this list, please let me know!)

-Q'ing up a list of things to write...

entry Feb 11 2007, 09:58 AM
Right. So, as most of you probably know, I work under my father as an excavator, in a sort of apprentice-master type relationship. Though, obviously, rather than learning how to make something, I learn how to operate the vehicles, and get the job done efficiently.

Or, at least, I would if there wasn't three inches of snow on the ground that doesn't look like it's going anywhere, and all the builders hadn't shut down until spring. ... I've become intimately familiar with staving off boredom, of late. Petting the cat, doing extra work around the house, even staring at the computer screen for no particular reason at all. (I've actually woken up at 6 am in the morning, cooked breakfast for the whole house, cleaned up random parts of the house, and then stared at the screen doing nothing at all until noon-ish, where I made lunch, and then resumed staring until a specific person logged on. Time wasting, much?)

So, with the educated assumption that I won't be working for a while, I've taken on a good several projects to occupy my time, especially since my omnipotent multi-tasking prowess has led SS to require less than 5% of my mental resources! (I recently upgraded my RAM, you see.)

-Harassing Aamanus. This is often disastrous. Sure, I may be able to poke him into doing what I want, but it tends to come with the price of having my IC gender changed, or my equipment stolen, or my race changed to sheep. Or demons spawned on me, or Skrel spawned on me (there are worse ways to die, I guess.)

-Newsletter. I didn't really look for this, it just kind of popped up, and I said 'hey! That looks like something interesting!' ... So, yeah. Guess I'll speak more on that when there is far more to say, hmm?

-Map. I'm seriously working on a unique-looking map for SS. Something that covers the area outside in moderate detail, the city's major points, and provides an interesting look for those unfamiliar with some areas in game that are undervisited. Mina sent me some cool parchment textures, so my next step is to get a perfect drawing of a tree, and scan that in. Nothing too fancy, but something that can be layered over each other with ease, to create a forest-like effect, you know?

-The mud. Between the aforementioned listing of harassing Aamanus, I've also been going crazy with suggestions, trying to push things I think could honestly help, anything that could honestly help, through the discussion phase and into the implementation phase. Also, I've been busy IC and OOC, trying to interact with people I may not really see often. Just try to include everyone, you know? I feel good, damnit, and want to share it. Some of my ideas have been welcomed, some stuck in discussion, and some blatantly declined. Ah well, such is life. But if these days teach anything, it's how to achieve victory without being forceful. A topic for another day, I suppose.

For now... That's my Q to go!



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