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entry Jun 25 2007, 12:19 AM
So the dance today went really well, and I'd like to say thanks to all the people that could make it, I really appreciate it. To those of you who didn't, 'tis a shame, but hopefully when I get back I'll be able to do an event on less short notice so that more people can come. I'm thinking perhaps something in the Theatre, to plan an entire day event with dancing, music, and perhaps even a play. It's in the process, and if you have any characters that might be interested (in performing in anything or helping to write the play) just let me know, I'd love the help.

And for those of you that noticed - yes, I did say when I get back. As most of you know I'm a college student, and the past seven weeks I've been taking spring classes - 3 classes in double time, so I have 6 hours of class a week for each instead of 3. It's been kind of crazy, but I actually really like how those semesters are set up - it's also strange, because I don't have any ensembles other than my lessons that I take. However, this will all change on Friday. Friday I drive home (I live eight hours away from school) and will be there for six weeks. While at home, I'm for sure working two jobs. I babysit three days a week for four munchkins (boys - 12, 10, 8, girl - 5), and then for three other days during the week I work at a local fast-food place. It's not the best job in the world, but minimum wage in Michigan will be $7.15 or some such nonsense, and I make more than minimum, so it's not that bad of a job. This means that my playing time will be reduced rather drastically. I may or may not have my own computer set up, so there's a possibility that I'll be on telnet, as I can't download things on my mother's computer. Also, my family doesn't approve of spending quite a lot of time on the internet (as they're fans of Law and Order, and clearly you are all going to stalk me, rape me, and kill me multiple times), so I tend to cut down when I'm home anyway. I'll still be around on AIM/MSN for those that can find me there (I believe it's all in my profile anyway tongue.gif) or if one of your character drastically needs mine, you can find me that way.

I'll be at home for six weeks, and then volunteering at a camp that I went to as a child for a week. Then I'll be back in my college town, but doing band camp, which may or may not make me more tired than working and babysitting. Then I start classes again and life will be back to normal for a while, but for that seven weeks, it's likely I'll be more scarce than I am now (which isn't really all that difficult).

I'm actually kind of excited for this break. It's going to be good to get out of Saginaw for a while, and as strange as it is for me to keep going home, I'm looking forward to it. The more I'm in school, the less it seems that I go back. Right now it's Christmas, Thanksgiving, spring break, and then sometime during the summer. Last summer I spent 8 weeks at a camp for children with disabilities, so I was gone for quite a bit of that, and now taking the classes cuts down on the time that I'm home. Next summer, I actually may be able to work band camps down here (as a teacher) and be able to support myself down here for the entire summer. But for now, I leave to go home on Friday, and I'll be back around the 20th of August to have a regular internet connection without people badgering me about what I'm doing. tongue.gif

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