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entry Jun 29 2007, 10:27 PM
So, here's Post Four.

I logged onto SS for a flash the other night and it looked like things were busy (at least there were a lot of numbers in public areas). And there are posts with suggestions and that sort of thing on forums. That's good to see.

I kinda wish I could get back into the swing of the game, though I think this break is helpful too. RP always required a lot from me to focus, not just the RP with three or four people in active conversation (sorta like ping pong or a tennis match, seeing who to react to or what, etc in a flood of emotes), but even the smaller scale stuff; sometimes it's hard to really contribute much when feeling tired.

Speaking of breaks, I'm ready for a real vacation. Probably won't be going to Las Vegas, though I suppose I should at least see it once... not sure where or when exactly yet, but near the water would be nice.

entry Jun 27 2007, 10:37 PM
Another day of work finished and feeling stressed still. I called my bro who cheered me up as he usually does, helping put things into perspective.

Here I see Q's post, on his blog *points to the blog list* and I remember a few funny, fun, scary, dramatic moments from way back in Narina's more active days.

Without divulging anything too important or revealing (that stuff I just exclude here), I thought of....

Narina's being attacked in the Silver Tree and hiding in the kitchen behind locked doors :-)
Narina hiding out in the Dragon's Head Inn bedroom with a couple (Amadeus and Tatina) when the Vek were on the loose
Running around the garden with Jake and Hemo while Varadien pursued Causa with this big weapon (I think it was a hammer)...
Hemo on Melinda and the "ass-touching" incident
dancing at the outpost tavern
the time when there were a lot of folks who hung out at the ST

There's much more than that of course... there was a diverse group of folks around then; kinda fun to remember.

entry Jun 24 2007, 11:36 PM
It's already near the end of Sunday and time flew by with work and just taking care of errands. I saw on a newshow the other day that they are already designing desks that are built over treadmills... not that I can afford one... but it would be possible to mud while exercising! Perhaps another sign of the addiction, I've thought of bringing a notebook at the treadmill so I can write down ideas and descriptions...

The other day I heard from a Canadian birdie that some people from this group are spending more time elsewhere on another project. Even though I'm hardly around much, some people who have been very nice to me during my time here I hope will still pop around here to see me wave to them, like this: *waves*. Since I'm not on msn much either...

entry Jun 24 2007, 11:24 PM
It's kind of ironic that this would be my first post. But it seemed like I could finally put this blog to use; better late than never, aye?

Life has been busy with a lot of overtime at work and other stuff (volunteering, trying to keep my apartment from being less than chaotic, school work, exercise, etc.). On top of that I had to start a new email account... so I might have lost touch with a good number of people and wouldn't have received any emails that were sent directly via the game.

For those interested (like maybe 1 of you? lol), right now (pending further developments) Narina is away indefinitely on a trip of some sort... I figure that one of the vnpcs would have given word of this should anyone care to ask.

Hope this is a good summer for everyone (or a good few months for those in the other part of the world where it's not summer).


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